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Tid bits about the wide world of web development, integrating with hardware and also some exploration of the future.

12th August, 2019

Building an API Integration Test service, using the Serverless Framework and Mocha

Recently at my workplace there was a need to create an external running service responsible for running integration tests against all the…

That sinking feeling

5th February, 2019

Your stomach drops, you feel the sweat start to bead on your forehead, you start saying “no” a lot probably in quick succession. You have…

How I structured a white labelled react app

2nd December, 2018

I remember a time when React was new and people struggled with the decision of what folder structure you should use to layout your project…

The three dots of Javascript {...}

5th November, 2018

If you have been reading Javascript lately you might have come across the three dots (ellipsis) in one form or another. If you saw this in a…